Our Strategy

Our future plans are based on our perception of growth in the demands of our products in the domestic and international markets. The key drivers of such growth are increased domestic consumption and global outsourcing trends in the leather, textile, paper, electronics, plastics, polymer, and printing industry. In view of the above and given our competitive strengths, our business strategies emphasize on expanding into our target markets through penetrating into existing and newer markets. We intend to pursue following strategies aggressively to achieve the same:

Domestic Market Penetration

Our competitive strength will increase considerably on completion of our upgradation of existing facilities. We believe that new technology will help us to develop new product and further penetrate the domestic market. Upon completion, we will be able to offer a basket of products to our customers at highly competitive prices. We already have a marketing presence in major market segments for our products sold domestically. Presently we cover the domestic market through a dedicated domestic sales team of 3 key personnel.

Continued Focus on R&D

We believe that the quality of our processes is integral to our ability to manufacture quality products at competitive prices and thereby retain and attract our customers. Improvement in our quality processes enables us to benefit from increased productivity, improved quality, reduced costs, on-time delivery and greater reliability. Our emphasis on Research and Development has enabled us to devise our own process technologies and expand our engineering capabilities. With the help of Research and Development department we have developed an ability to produce tailor made products as per the requirements and specifications provided by our clients in timely manner. Our Company is currently supplying custom synthesis and toll manufacturing products under non-disclosure agreement and with the help of our Research and Development team we continue to supply the products as per the requirements. We will continue to focus on Research and Development, which we believe will help us to further penetrate into domestic and international market.

Leverage competitive strength to capitalize in international market

There exists large markets in Europe, US, Japan and East Asia for the Company’s products. Maintaining quality of the product and timely delivery are critical success factors for taping these vast markets. We have been investing to create facilities which can cater to the quality requirements of the global customers. With the range of quality products now being offered, we are confident of increasing our exports. We are focusing on marketing of our products in these countries by expanding our network of agents in such markets.

Continue to focus on Green initiative

Our strategy is to upgrade and acquire new machinery and technology for manufacturing process which is environment friendly. We propose to set up multiple effect evaporation plant for sodium sulphate recovery. Sodium Sulphate recovery plant will help us to reprocess the waste generated in the plant into byproduct.
We believe that this is a step towards Green Initiative as the waste generated in the plant will be further processed into byproduct which is marketable.

Reduction of operating cost

With the help of new technology and upgradation of existing facility, our dependency on labour will be reduced which will result in reduction in labour cost. We believe that semi automation will also help in reducing the overall operating cost. Further we plan towards setting up of windmills which will enable us to be 100% self reliant for power and ensure zero cost for power.