Sales and Marketing

We have a dedicated sales and marketing team, separately focusing on the domestic market and the international markets. In India we have our own sales offices at two locations i.e. Mumbai and Ahmedabad. For the international market, we have eliminated dependence on any single geographical location, product family or customer and have a presence in the major demand markets of Europe, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey, and Latin America markets.

Our combined domestic and international sales team comprises of 7 persons, with domestic team comprising of 3 persons and international team comprising of 4 persons. Timely delivery of our products is of utmost importance to all our customers. To take care of this requirement we have set up a separate logistics management cell within our marketing team. The primary responsibility of this is to plan and monitor complete shipment logistics to ensure “just in time” delivery to our customers.