Our Strengths

We believe our principal competitive strengths are as follows:

Green Technology / Environment friendly operations

We believe that we are one of the Naphthalene based Intermediate plants running on Catalytic Hydrogenation technology. Our Research and Development team has indigenously developed this plant to curb the pollution output of iron sludge and organic waste. Catalytic Hydrogenation technology has 15 KL size reactors and working pressure of 35 bars. We identify this technology as Green Technology. This technology helped us to discard iron sludge waste of other manufacturing facility of our Company. With implementation of this technology, our overall product quality has enhanced. This technology is in line with the norms of Gujarat Government. This technology enables us to improve overall product quality and its end use performance.

Waste Management – Green Initiative

We believe that we are one of the pioneers in developing and setting up a Zero Effluent Discharge Plant (“ZED”). Our ZED Plant recovers annually 12000 MT of sodium sulphate, 22000 MT of gypsum and 60000 KL of distilled water for recycling. Our Effluent Treatment is based on maximum recovery of by products and minimizing the volume of waste to highly concentrated organic waste. This high concentrated organic waste having self Calorific value is finally incinerated to solid ash. Gujarat State Pollution Control Board has inspected our pollution treatment plant. We believe that this is a step towards Green Initiative which is in line with the policies of Government of Gujarat / India. With the help of this plant we are able to recycle the water to the extent of 70% of the water and reuse the same in our manufacturing process. Inorganic products generated out of this process are sold as by product and thus reduces the overall impact on the environment. With the help of this technology, 70% of the waste water is reused.

Efficient Cost Management with the help of Green Power

Power is one of the significant elements of operating cost in our industry. We believe that we are one of the first Dye Intermediate Plants running on power generated by wind mills. We have set up wind mills to generate power with capacity of 4 MW on west coast of Gujarat. Power generated from Wind mill is identified as Green Power as the same is environment friendly. Approximately 70% of our power requirement is taken care with the help of power generated from wind mills. Captive consumption of power generated from our wind mills has significantly reduced our overall operating cost and has given us a competitive edge.

Commitment of our Promoters supported by a strong management team

Our Promoters are focused and have been instrumental in grooming our Company since inception. Under their strategy and guidance, the net sales of our Company have grown to over `11815.25 lacs in fiscal 2011. The Promoters are backed by a strong team of committed, dedicated team of personnel with hands-on experience who are in charge of the routine operations. Due to the committed efforts of our Promoters we have been consistently receiving Best Export Award for many years from Gujarat Dyestuff Manufacturers Association and CHEMEXCIL – a body set up by Government of India.

Further due to the commitment from our Promoters and strong support of our management we were able to establish the “Ambuja” brand in the Chemical Industry and also be recognised as a “THREE Star Export House”.